Cloud Gavel – How to Automate Warrant Workflows

Cloud gavel is a software solution that streamlines the process of filing and reviewing warrants. It helps reduce paper waste, eliminates travel and saves time. It also provides a complete audit trail.

The system also allows law enforcement officers to generate a warrant while in their squad car, which can then be sent electronically to a judge. This enables officers to take action quickly and prevents suspects from fleeing.
Streamlined workflows

Streamlined workflows are key to improving clinical productivity and avoiding clinician burnout. However, implementing workflow automation requires careful planning to ensure that the technology does not create additional work or perpetuate existing biases in the system. The literature on workflow automation in other industries suggests several factors that should be considered when deciding which workflows to automate.

The top warrant solutions offer a seamless workflow solution that allows law enforcement officers to submit an eWarrant on any internet connected device. This allows officers to spend more time on the street instead of behind a desk, which helps decrease crime. It also provides a complete warrant search and audit trails to ensure that proper procedures are followed.

Moreover, this tool provides a robust document automation tool that includes document assembly tools and automated processes. This makes it easy for law firms to gather client data and documents, and share them with their team. It also offers a clean and simple intake process for clients.
Reduced paper waste

A cloud gavel solution allows law enforcement officers to spend more time on the streets and less on paperwork. Officers can use their mobile devices to create eWarrants and send them electronically to judges for review. This saves countless hours of overtime that would otherwise be spent on paperwork.

The system also allows officers to view a list of active warrants and receive eWarrant reminders via email or text. The centralized warrant database can be accessed by officers from different agencies, and it automatically updates the national Arrest Warrant Xchange database. FusionStak has also partnered with the National Command and Staff College to provide online training courses for officers. These courses are available at a discounted price for users of the software. It also provides a complete audit trail of all actions and transactions.
Personalized forms

Gavel offers various document settings for teams to customize their workflows. For example, they can configure the naming convention, duplicate documents for repeating items and modify display settings for end-users. They can also add questions for questionnaires to collect client intake data and set up branching logic.

The app allows judges and commissioners enrolled in the system to log in, review and approve warrants on their iPhone or iPad. It is a streamlined version of the web access portal and more convenient for judges on the go.

It also offers a wide selection of integrations, including Word, Stripe, Zapier and DocuSign. However, it could do with a more robust selection of CRMs. Moreover, it is not as powerful as its competitors in terms of document automation.
Automated filing

Gavel offers document automation capabilities for a wide variety of businesses. Like PandaDoc, it allows users to create templates, populate them with client data and add nested conditional logic. It also allows users to clone and edit existing documents. It also supports payment integrations and provides offline access.

Its top Warrant Solutions seamless workflow system streamlines the legal review and approval process. This solution allows officers to generate a warrant while in the field, which reduces the risk that a suspect will be tipped off and flee. It also allows judges to review eWarrants from anywhere using any Internet-connected device.

FusionStak is managed by a dynamic team of professionals with a passion for public safety. They are committed to providing law enforcement agencies with the best technology and training. They have already built the nation’s top electronic warrant solution, which has won national awards.
Audit trails

A comprehensive audit trail allows you to identify issues before they become problems. It shows who accessed a particular file, when they did so and the changes made to it. This can help you find the cause of any errors and prevent future security breaches.

Using an audit trail, you can also track who is performing tasks or making decisions in your company. These data points can be used to improve internal control processes and reduce costs. Audit trails are also useful when evaluating the risk of an external audit.

Cloud Gavel is a US based information technology business providing warrant processing, document processing and data analytics. It offers a seamless workflow system to streamline the process of obtaining and reviewing eWarrants. This allows officers to be on the streets instead of behind a desk and decreases crime.