What to Look For at the Stitch Store

Stitch isn’t your typical e-commerce business. It’s a retail disruptor built on a marriage of data and human touch.

Its algorithm gathers style preferences and sizes via quizzes, backed up by clues from purchases and returns, while stylists make the final decisions. This approach helps Stitch offer clothing that is more likely to please.
Stitch by Stitch

Stitch offers an innovative approach to online dating, with the goal of providing members a variety of ways to build social connections that go beyond just browsing profiles. That could include everything from the many activities & events that our members are constantly organizing to create opportunities for natural interaction, all the way to the travel experiences that we offer to help connect people around common interests.

Custom embroidery for your business and uniforms is easy with Stitch Logo, a brand that offers simple online ordering and a dedicated team to support your needs. Embroidery for scrubs, industrial apparel, corporate clothing and more. Custom logos, designs and patterns. Fast turnaround time and free logo sew-outs for approval. Affordable for any size business. Embroidery on demand.
Cross Stitch Supplies

Embroidery hoops or frames are used to keep your fabric taut while you stitch. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as materials, from wood to rubber (flexi). A good embroidery hoop is great for your posture and your eyes as it helps reduce the amount of frogging you’ll do.

Stranded cotton, also known as embroidery floss is the most common thread used for cross stitch. It’s made up of 6 strands of loosely twisted thread and you can buy it in a wide range of colours. A pattern will usually have a chart of the colour of each symbol and which strand of floss to use with it.

A great place to get a wide selection of cross stitch supplies is StitchItCentral who, as the name suggests specialise in all things cross stitch. They also have a comprehensive range of magazines which is something you’ll struggle to find elsewhere. At 69c a DMC skein it’s hard to beat them for value.
Needlework Supplies

Discover a wide selection of needlepoint projects, kits and supplies including cross stitch, quickpoint and embroidery tools. We also offer custom framing for your finished works of art.

Needlepoint kits come with a canvas, pre-painted with your design, yarn or thread pre-cut in the correct quantities and matched to the gauge of the fabric, and instructions. Some also include a needle. You’ll also need scissors – a good pair of embroidery scissors, and a pair of dressmaker’s shears if you plan to cut your canvas. A laying tool is helpful, too, and can be made of wood, bone, plastic or even porcupine quills!

Printed charts are the standard, but many designers now carry digital versions of their patterns. A working copy is essential for tracking your progress or for taking notes. You can also purchase an embroidery stand, which holds your hoop or frame in place while you stitch. Some even have spots for accessories like magnifiers and chart holders.

Framing is an art, and a skill that many crafty people love to practice. Stitch offers a variety of frames to fit your cross stitch and needle work projects. Whether you’re looking for a simple black frame or something more ornate, they have what you need to complete your project.

If you’re a big fan of Stitch, you can pick up merchandise at several places throughout Walt Disney World Resort. For example, if you’re staying at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, you can make reservations to meet Lilo and Stitch at Ohana for an up close and personal character breakfast. Additionally, you can often catch Stitch hopping around the Rocket Tower Plaza Stage in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom. In addition, there are a few shops at the resort that carry Stitch merch including Mickey’s Star Traders and Moana’s Mercantile. For a more concentrated shopping experience, visit the World of Disney store at Disney Springs. It carries a great selection of Stitch apparel and toys.the Stitch store

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