Which Meal Delivery Service is Right For You?

Whether you’re looking for a way to get out of cooking on some nights, or just need a new spin on your usual dinners, meal delivery can offer a fresh option. But which plan is best for you? It depends on the size of your household, your time commitment and diet or food restrictions. And with many meal delivery companies offering a variety of options, you’ll find plenty of choices to help fit your lifestyle.

Meal kit delivery services send pre-measured ingredients and easy recipe instructions to your door, so you can cook the meals at home. They are good for people who want to eat healthier but may lack the time or desire to cook or for those who struggle with grocery shopping or need help with meal prep. Most of these services also offer nutritional information on each meal and some even provide diet plans that filter out foods for specific dietary preferences or restrictions, including gluten-free, keto or carb-conscious meals.

Another option for meal delivery is prepared meal delivery, which comes in ready-to-eat containers that you just microwave and enjoy. Meals like the Creamy Tomato Pork Chop and Garlic Herb Salmon from Factor are filling, nutritious and tasty. These types of meals are good for busy families who want to spend less time on cooking but still want gourmet and healthy dinners.

There are many options for prepared meal delivery, but one of the most popular is Sunbasket, which offers an entire menu each week that you can customize a la carte. They also offer a variety of add-on items, protein customizations and curated boxes that include a main meal plus sides. Their focus on organic and clean ingredients, sustainable packaging and a commitment to reducing waste make them a top choice.

Territory offers ready-to-eat oven-ready meals crafted with wellness in mind, which you can have delivered once or twice per week. They use local chefs and their own kitchens to ensure the food is at its peak when it arrives at your home. They also allow you to skip meals if you’re not feeling them one week, or pause your subscription altogether without penalty.

Some meal delivery services also offer grocery or essential deliveries, where they ship groceries or pantry staples to your doorstep. This is great for those who are too busy to grocery shop or need help with meal planning and grocery shopping, or for seniors who struggle with the challenge of getting out of the house. Often, these grocery and pantry delivery services work with brick and mortar stores or have their own line of products they sell online. Most of these companies also provide a range of other grocery and essential deliveries, like toilet paper or toothpaste, to keep you stocked. They may even offer pet food or baby supplies, if that’s what you need. They are also typically cheaper than regular grocery store deliveries and may be more convenient because they can deliver within two hours of placing your order.