When Does Yellowstone Season 5 Start?

If you’ve been a fan of Yellowstone since its very first episode, you’ll be excited to know that the show will be back for a fifth season. However, you might not know when the season 5 will start. This article will give you a brief look at the next episodes, including the premiere date.

Episode 1

Season five of Yellowstone is back with a two-part premiere on Paramount Network. The first half of the season takes viewers back twenty years to when Beth and Rip were young adults.

In the present day, the Dutton family has suffered a tragic loss. Beth’s father, Jamie, has been caught in a trap and forced to kill his biological father. As a result, the Duttons are now in mourning.

But that’s not the end of the story. A second generation of Duttons will now be on the rise. Those on the ranch, and those in the Capitol, will begin to make changes.

But when a new governor arrives in Montana, the pressure starts to mount. There are rumors that a candidate’s wife is pregnant. And, when it comes to politics, John Dutton has a lot to say. He makes a bold move to protect the ranch.

When it comes to drama, Yellowstone offers a mix of soap opera and red-state social commentary. It’s a juggernaut on streaming. The series has earned an 83% tomatometer rating.

Among the cast, Kevin Costner plays John Dutton, a veteran rancher on the vast Dutton Yellowstone Ranch. His son, Jamie, had lusted after the governor’s job.

But when he was 34, John took over. Now, John is about to be declared the winner of the election. Yet, he’s hesitant about the role. Even though he’s the only Dutton running for the office, he wants to make the right decisions.

After the first episode, the network will air seven more episodes in early 2023. During that time, the Duttons will face challenges between their work on the ranch and their careers in politics.

Episode two of Yellowstone season five will also pick up a few months after the season’s end. When it premiers, John will have already been sworn in as the new Governor of Montana. That’s an exciting twist to the story.

On the other hand, there are still major issues to address. For example, a new governor may be able to put a stop to the rampant growth on the ranch.

Episode 2

The second episode of Yellowstone season 5 continues the show’s storyline from Season 4. This time, the main characters have to deal with a tragic accident and wolves.

Episode two is called “The Sting of Wisdom,” and it opens with a flashback of Monica and Tate’s accident. It’s also the episode where Monica deals with the loss of her newborn baby.

Monica is a recovering from her injury and continues to mourn the loss of her son. She wants to bury the baby at the ranch. John Dutton is still dealing with the tragedy, as is Kayce.

After the crash, Tate can’t open the car door. Luckily, the other people on the scene can help. But it’s not an easy situation for Monica. Her arm is broken.

Meanwhile, the wolves are out hunting. In the past, they were protected under the Endangered Species Act. However, they were delisted in 1995. They now wear tracking collars.

A pack of wolves preys on a cow, which is then killed. The wranglers believe the wolves were responsible. At this point, the hunter, Ryan, arrives to stake out the wolves. He doesn’t think that they actually killed the cow.

The hunter, Colby, tries to get the wolves out of the park. However, the wolves are still wearing their tracking collars. Once a collar is discovered, it can cause unimaginable consequences.

On a related note, the builder has left the construction site. He’s now in Helena.

Another big plot line in the episode was the airport issue. This issue was a hot topic in Season 4 and is still in play.

This week, Sarah Atwood makes her first appearance. Sarah is a new character played by Dawn Olivieri. You’ll recognize her from Heroes. Now, she’s hired by Market Equities.

Overall, this episode was great. There were a few small bumps, but the overall plotline was captivating.

Ultimately, Yellowstone is a show that relies on its strengths. Hopefully, this season will focus on the strength of the series rather than just relying on its premise. Fortunately, there are plenty of exciting ideas coming up.

Episode 4

The fifth season of Yellowstone has started, and it’s been a big one. The show’s viewership has been off the charts, but it will need room to grow. Luckily, the show is getting bigger and better with each new episode. And there’s still more Montana melodrama to come.

Episode 4 of Yellowstone aired on Sunday, November 27. It was a good opener, but it also contained too many filler bits.

While the show is a little choppy at times, it’s easy to watch. There aren’t any great surprises, but the episode did its job of setting the stage.

We saw a familiar face return to the ranch. Jamie Dutton is back, and he’s a political advisor to his dad. Previously, he was a candidate for governor. But now he’s out of the race.

Other highlights of this episode include a ceremony for a lost infant. Monica and Kayce lead a procession of cars to the Yellowstone ranch for the funeral. This is a touching moment, as they both mourn the loss of their child.

The episode also introduced a clemency deal. John gets a chance to work his magic and make a good thing out of a bad situation.

There were also two major plot points: the first centered around Summer Higgins, who is jailed for environmental protesting. She’s a good person, but her role has been reduced to helping John solve a growing problem of accidental wolf kills.

Another highlight was Jamie and Beth’s relationship. They seemed to be getting along nicely, but their rapport had been tested when Beth got into a barfight with a stranger.

Episode 5 of Yellowstone, titled “Watch’em Ride Away,” airs on Sunday, December 4. As for the rest of the season, it’s scheduled to start in January. If you’re not a fan of the show, it may be best to pass. That’s because the fifth season will be split into two chunks. Each episode will air weekly.

In the next episode, a group of environmental activists will arrive at the ranch after Yellowstone Ranch. Hopefully, they will not cause any problems.

Episode 5

The fifth episode of “Yellowstone” season 5 continues to feature conflict between John Dutton and his staff. In addition, the show is now introducing the Dutton family. They will be moving to Helena.

After a short winter break, the series will continue this week. Episodes air on Sunday nights at 8 p.m. on the Paramount Network in the U.S., and on the Paramount+ channel in Canada and the UK. You can watch the show for free by signing up for a free trial with Sling TV. It is also available on DirecTV and FuboTV.

“Yellowstone” season 5 episode five opens with a flashback to the younger years of Beth and Rip. The young Beth is on her way out into the mountains with her father. She is saddled up with a cowboy named Rowdy. During the ride, she feels beaten.

Meanwhile, Monica and Kayce agree to take the family to branding. This is an important event, as it will allow the Duttons to showcase their cattle. But they are worried about the potential negative impact on the environment.

In the present, Beth admits that she has been consumed by her past. In particular, she believes that Summer does not want to help John. However, she thinks that the Duttons are looking for the Yellowstone Ranch.

Meanwhile, John has made changes to his staff. He wants to put the art of cowboying on display, which will bring people into the community. Despite this, his enemies have become more dangerous and cunning.

The series is produced by Taylor Sheridan, who has a lot of subtext in his work. His characters are very telling about how they feel.

Among the cast members is Lilli Kai, who plays Clara Brewer. A veteran of the show, she has been on many episodes and her character is a fan favorite.

Also joining the series is Dawn Olivieri, who plays Sarah Atwood. Despite her new position, Monica doesn’t ask her how she is doing.

“Yellowstone” season five continues on December 11. You can catch it on the Paramount Network, and you can watch it on the Paramount+ channel in Canada and UK.