Voice-Overs – Why You Need Them

Whether it’s a simple menu message on hold, or a full on industrial narration, it’s still important to do the job right. Many voice-acting courses will provide you with a professional demo reel at the end of your training – an invaluable tool!

Warm, believable and natural UK VO. Great for corporate narration and characters, commercials, on hold etc.
Voiceovers for all forms of media

Experienced voice actors will be able to adjust the pace of their narration to suit your script. Too fast, and it can feel rushed and chaotic; too slow, and you may lose your viewer’s attention.

Natural UK female voice from warm and engaging through to calming and authoritative. Can also do character reads and a range of accents. Home studio, UK based. Available daily. Documentary, radio and TV experienced.
Web Explainers & Social Media

Whether you’re launching an online product or want to drive conversions on your website, a captivating explainer video can do the trick. Using a voice actor who is knowledgeable about your product or service helps you convey the right message to the audience.

The narrator’s voice brings a personality and a human element to the content that text or graphics cannot replicate. They are also able to communicate information as if it was coming from a friend, making them more relatable to your target audience.
TV Ads & Radio Ads

Radio is an incredibly effective way to reach a wide audience and can leave a lasting impression on listeners. Good radio ads make people want to buy your product or service and evoke an emotion, whether it’s excitement, happiness, or empathy.

A well-written script is crucial, but the voice is what sets the tone and creates the connection with the listener. Voice over agencies excel in choosing voices that perfectly fit the ad’s message and tone.
Corporate Productions

Corporate productions primarily consist of internal pieces, for example onboarding videos and training pieces, and external pieces such as commercials.

When searching for the right voice for your commercial, try to find someone whose voice suits the gender and age range of your end users. This will help keep them engaged and looking to your product.

Narration is the ‘how’ of storytelling – the voice, pitch, inflections, and pauses that give a character or narrator their unique personality and depth. It’s the backbone of storytelling, and a key consideration when it comes to crafting narrative video content.

Often, a mistake writers make is over-using narration to explain what’s happening onscreen. It’s important to remember the cliched writing law of show, don’t tell.
ESOL Content

ESOL standards provide teachers with tools to help students develop academic English language skills in conjunction with classroom study of core content subjects. ESOL teachers use knowledge of each student’s cultural background and English language proficiency profile to promote inclusive instruction that addresses the varied needs of all students.

ESOL learners need to learn language that will support their communicative needs in their jobs, homes and communities. Project-based learning allows students to work together in small groups on a shared goal that promotes intercultural dialogue and learning.

E-Learning is used by many organizations to train their employees, market their brands and products, create onboarding and upskilling programs for new hires, or even teach customers how to use their product or service.

An impactful voice over for an e-Learning video or program can make a big difference to your audience’s experience.

Maria’s vocal range allows her to narrate a wide variety of e-Learning projects. She brings a confident and warm tone to all her projects and keeps her listeners engaged with her easy-going and natural delivery.

Animated videos are increasingly popular online, but they need the right voice to be effective. Exceptional voice-overs elevate these videos from mediocre to outstanding.

Whether you need a heroic protagonist, a mischievous sidekick, or a wise narrator, our voice artists will bring your characters to life.

Easily clone your own voice with Synthesys or select from our vast library of human voices. Adjust the voice, tone, accent and more to tailor your video to your target audience.
Phone Prompts & IVR

The interactive voice response (IVR) system is your company’s front door. It’s the first interaction your customer has with you and the way that they form their impression of your business.

IVR prompt messages should be clear, concise and professionally recorded to reinforce your brand identity. IVR systems can also help you lower operational costs by reducing call times and routing calls to the correct department.voiceovers.uk