The Botany at Dairy Farm

The botany at dairy farm is the study of plants, including their structure, evolution, function, and distribution. This science has many applications, including agriculture, agronomy (soil and crop sciences), conservation, manufacturing, forestry, horticulture, and medicine. Botanists can work in a wide range of settings, from greenhouses and botanical gardens to research laboratories and private industry.

Dairy farms have a direct impact on the health of people, animals, and the environment. Increasingly, dairy farmers are taking steps to improve the quality of milk by incorporating soil-based management practices that promote biodiversity. These include organic manure, soil biological indicators, diversity of plant species and use of wild species mixtures to enhance forage growth and reduce disease, weed and pest pressure.

In addition to the above, the developers have also included a nice array of communal facilities here at Dairy Farm Residences. Residents will be able to enjoy a wide variety of restaurants and convenience shops right at their doorsteps as the new development is situated within close proximity to the nearby Railway Mall and Hillview 2.

Dairy Farm Residences offers 3 Bedroom units that come with a spacious balcony where residents can take in the cool breeze that flows through this part of town. Porcelain floor tiles are provided for all common areas while vinyl is used for the bedrooms (standard across mass market developments). The kitchen comes with built-in fridge, oven and gas hob by German maker Bosch and a full suite of appliances are included.

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