The Benefits of Reserve Residences

Reserve residences deliver a higher standard of living with amenities that include a resort-style pool, private spa and gym. Located on one of the world’s most pristine stretches of coastline, these elegant homes are the perfect place to unwind.

Reserves are areas of land set aside for the use and benefit of First Nations, a grouping of Indigenous peoples in Canada that have entered into treaties with the Crown. They differ from Aboriginal title lands, which are claimed by a group of individuals or families who claim a connection to an ancestral homeland and have the right to live on their territory in accordance with traditional practices.

Although the government and First Nations are working to improve life on reserves, socio-economic issues remain serious problems. Some of the most pressing issues are poverty, poor housing conditions and lack of social services such as education, health and employment.

For example, poor housing conditions lead to overcrowding that causes health problems and can cause children to have a hard time learning in school. This overcrowding can also contribute to a lack of fire safety measures in homes and lead to tragic house fires. In addition, many communities do not have water infrastructure that can provide clean drinking water. In some cases, entire generations of families have never had access to clean drinking water. Insufficient heating in houses leads to the use of wood as the primary source of heat, which can lead to a lack of fire safety measures and result in tragic house fires.

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