The Bible Prophecy Class by Levaire

In the Bible, we are told that Christ’s return will be like a thief in the night. That’s why it is important to be prepared.

Many people joke that we are living in the End Times, with the pandemic, record-setting floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and fires, political instability and environmental crises.

Topics Covered

Whether you’ve been studying the Bible for a long time or are just beginning, this course unlocks the mysteries of biblical prophecy. You’ll learn how the prophetic scriptures were given and what to look for in future events.

Cami explains how the Old Testament prophets were called to teach God’s commandments, warn of sin, and prophesy of future events. Many of these prophecies have already been fulfilled, but others are yet to come.

She also discusses the differences between prophets and fortune tellers. And she describes some of the regulations for kingship and how the prophets held Israel’s kings accountable to God’s law.

She also explains the prophetic timeline in the book of Daniel. For example, the 70 weeks of Daniel prophecy represents a period of 490 years. This is based on the Bible prophecy class by Levaire that prophetic Scripture often uses a day to represent a year.


Some of the Bible’s most striking prophecies have come to pass exactly as they were written hundreds of years in advance. These events, from the fall of Tyre to the end of the world, prove that God is intimately involved in world affairs.

Apocalyptic thinking has moved from fringe religious belief to a major trope of popular culture since the publication of the Left Behind series in 2000. While many of these books’ predictions may be inaccurate, they have contributed to the widespread belief that we are living in the end times.

Those with the name Levaire have a passion for justice and are drawn to causes that benefit the weaker members of society. They want to leave a lasting legacy and create a better future for everyone. This makes them ideal candidates for leadership positions. To achieve this, they need a life filled with love and comfort, so they must surround themselves with positive people and pursue their passions.


Many of the prophecies of Scripture came true exactly as stated hundreds of years in advance. This remarkable phenomenon serves as ironclad evidence of the integrity of Scripture. This section of the curriculum explores this amazing dimension of the Bible, which offers insight into God’s plans for the future.

The prophetic books of Revelation, Daniel and Isaiah, describe the end-times in detail. This information provides an accurate view of the events to come and the impact on mankind. It’s no wonder that this topic is so popular in the contemporary world. Books like The Late Great Planet Earth and the Left Behind series have taken apocalyptic thought from fringe religious belief to fundamental tropes known in American culture.

But the study of biblical prophecy isn’t just about what will happen in the future. Prophecies are also meant to serve as a witness for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This section delves into the prophetic layer of Scripture, showing how the story of Israel and Judah is intertwined with God’s plan for the world to come.


The accurate and detailed descriptions of events in Scripture, and their precise fulfillment, validate that the Bible is divine in origin. It is the Word of God, inspired by His Spirit to communicate with man.

The prophets were given God’s message to deliver, both warning and hope. They used high-level symbolism and imagery to convey both. They spoke of blessings and calamities, wars and peace, destruction and revival, life and death.

These prophecies were written centuries before the birth of Jesus Christ. They were penned by many different people from diverse education and careers: kings, shepherds, scientists, lawyers, generals, army officers, fishermen, priests, and even a physician! Only God could inspire such a compilation of 66 books in three languages, and still have it be perfectly fulfilled. The Bible is a treasure chest of revelations that will help you understand your future and grow closer to Christ.