Thailand Privilege Card Review

Unlike other residency programs, Thailand Privilege Card offers a number of membership packages with no income or bank account requirements. Members pay a one-time fee and will have their visa affixed upon approval from Immigration.

Each package offers different benefits with privilege points awarded annually for each type of membership. Read on to find out if this visa option suits your lifestyle:

Affluent Investors

Once you have experienced the exotic food, rich culture steeped in history, long warm beaches, and enchanting nature of Thailand, you will want to return again and again. Those who want to do just that will find the Elite Ultimate Privilege visa is the perfect way to enjoy Thailand for decades.

This member-only program enables foreign nationals to live in Thailand for five, 10 or 20 years, depending on the package you choose, for a one-time fee plus annual membership fees. It includes a free VIP government concierge service, airport transfers, and other perks, so you can experience Thailand like royalty.

Members will also gain access to various experiences in Thailand through exclusive partner organizations. This allows them to enhance all aspects of their lifestyle in Thailand, including accommodations, travel, leisure, health, and wealth. The company’s goal is to bring the highest level of privilege to Thailand’s affluent. It hopes to increase the number of Thailand Elite cardholders in the future by working with more general sales and service agents, as well as affiliates, in China and Southeast Asia.

Workcation Enthusiasts/Digital Nomads

Digital nomads who have tasted Thailand and know that they want to live here for a long period of time now have an option that gives them the flexibility to do so. They can pay a one-time fee of 1,000,000 baht to get Elite Privilege Access and enjoy a 10-year visa with all the benefits included.

The top-tier Thailand Privilege Card package is the Reserve card, which costs 5 million baht and provides the privilege of a 20-year visa. It comes with 120 privilege points, which are redeemable for top-tier perks and services that include travel convenience, investments, health and wellbeing, and more.

The company also offers a government concierge service, although this seems like a solution in search of a problem. After all, it’s hard to imagine that the Thai government would be so inefficient that they need to charge extra money for the privilege of getting efficient service. The privilege points reset annually to ensure fair value to all members.


Thailand Privilege Card promotes its packages to affluent expats seeking long-term access to the country, either as a vacation destination or a permanent home. They work closely with the Thai government to streamline immigration processes, provide a concierge service to get members settled in, and offer a variety of perks including discounted or free golf, spa services, annual health checkups, dental care, and more.

As a member, you receive VIP treatment at airports, including departure and arrival lounges. You also have the option to purchase a passport with special visa stamps for fast-track entry when traveling abroad, as well as expedited visa application at government agencies.

Other perks include discounts and deals for hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, and hospitals around the country. In addition, you get a personal concierge to assist with administrative tasks like opening bank accounts and receiving medical treatments. You can add family members to your membership for even more benefits. In terms of eligibility requirements, Elite Ultimate Privilege members do not need to prove income or deposit money into a Thai bank account and may only be required to undergo a background check under due diligence.


If you want to spend your retirement years in Thailand without having to worry about visa runs or dealing with complex immigration regulations, Elite Ultimate Privileges are a great option for you. These packages will allow you to stay in the country for up to 20 years with a multiple entry visa valid for the duration of your membership.

You can choose from a few different membership packages with varying fees and privileges. The most expensive one, worth 2 million baht, includes unlimited transfers by limousine with a limited quota for international flights, free golf green fees and massage packages with a limited quota and an annual health checkup.

Other packages with a visa validity of 10 or 15 years include the Elite Family Excursion and Elite Privilege Access. The former costs 1 million baht with an additional 800,000 baht for each extra member and offers airport service, departure lounges, call centres and government concierges.