Siberia Snus Review

Siberia snus was one of the first extreme snus products on the market and it rocked the snus industry with 43 mg/g nicotine strength! The snus is a dry portion snus with low level of moisture to minimise drip and prolong the release of tobacco and flavour.

The snus is made by GN Tobacco, a brand that has an excellent reputation for producing strong snus products. Their snus is a favourite among seasoned snus users.


Tobacco is one of the main ingredients in siberia snus and is responsible for its signature minty flavor. Tobacco is not only an important source of nicotine but also contains many other chemicals that have been shown to reduce cardiovascular disease and boost the immune system.

The tobacco used for siberia is grown in Sweden and has been sifted, cut, fermented, and blended in order to create the finest product available. The snus is packed in white dry portions that are very soft and lie comfortably under the lip. Because this snus is dry it takes slightly longer for the flavour and nicotine to be released but once it does you’ll feel a strong and long lasting buzz.

The product is produced by GN Tobacco, a Swedish company with years of experience in the industry. They use only the best raw materials to create a high quality smokeless product that is trusted by consumers around the world.


Siberia snus is made by GN Tobacco, which is one of the biggest snus manufacturers in Sweden. Their goal is to produce new and innovative products at affordable prices for the public. They also strive to make the snus experience as pleasant as possible by designing their products with a soft pouch that fits comfortably under the lip and a smooth tobacco flavor.

The snus is available in a variety of strengths and flavors, including the ultra-strong Siberia -80 Black White Dry, which features an insanely high nicotine content of up to 43 mg/g and a refreshing spearmint taste. This is a must-have for experienced snus users who enjoy an intense kick and a fresh taste.

Another option is the tobacco-free Siberia X-Tremely Black White Dry. These all-white portions feature a minty flavor and robust tobacco characters, and they have dry surfaces to reduce drip and provide a long-lasting release of nicotine and flavor. This product is available in regular and slim sized portions.

White Dry

One of the strongest snus products on the market. With an impressive 43mg/g nicotine level and a fresh spearmint flavour with hints of sweetness and dark tobacco this chew is not for beginners. This snus product is unmoistened and therefore runs more efficiently than standard white bags, resulting in less drip and lasting flavour.

The pouches are extremely soft and fit comfortably under the lip, making it a pleasure to use. As this is a dry snus product, it takes slightly longer for the flavor and nicotine to be released but once they have, you can expect a smooth and high nicotine buzz.

Siberia X-Tremely Black is also available in white portion bags for those who prefer a drier alternative. With a clear taste of tobacco and the highest nicotine level on the market, this is snus for those who love to challenge themselves. Siberia X-Tremely is also available in a slim version for those who want an extra discrete option.


Siberia is a brand from GN Tobacco Sweden that is known for its high nicotine content and refreshing mint flavors. They offer a large selection of white tobacco free nicotine pouches for true nico lovers and provide an invigorating energy boost without the disturbing side effects like stained teeth or unpleasant cigarette smoke.

One of the most popular varieties is Siberia Red, a revitalizing spearmint flavor with an extremely high level of nicotine and a strong tobacco taste. This product is available in regular size portions and also in slim pouches designed for a perfect fit under the lip.

Siberia is manufactured in a state of the art factory in Enkoping, central Sweden. GN Tobacco is part of the Gajane AB group and also manufactures and distributes snus brands like Odens, Byron, Anglaholm, Lenny’s Cut, WOW! and Olde Ving. Their mission is to improve and evolve their products based on customer needs and wishes, and they always strive to deliver the highest quality at the best possible price.