San Diego Blonde

SAN DIEGO BLONNED is a private One-On-One studio experience in which all focus is on your hair. It’s a time of exclusivity and complete relaxation, free from distractions.

Danielle Levas gives it her all as Elle Woods, the seeming blonde bimbo who wins Harvard law school. Her energy helps buoy this high-gloss production of the musical at New Village Arts Theatre.
Cool Toned Blonde

There are plenty of blonde shades that work with cool complexions. Pale pinky skin tones suit ash blonde shades, while darker complexions favor golden hues resembling the color of ripe wheat or honey.

If a client wants a sun-kissed glow but doesn’t want to go too light, try mixing cool and warm tones together like Julianne Hough’s icy cool blonde. This technique helps keep the tone from getting too stark or brassy and is easy to maintain with a toner that neutralizes unwanted yellow tones.

Toners are a semi-permanent color service that penetrate the cuticle and help eliminate brassy yellow tones without lightening the hair. Klein says a great way to determine what shade toner is best for your clients is by looking at the veins on their wrist. If they appear blue and purple, the complexion is most likely cool-toned, and she recommends using violet toner on ash blondes to counteract the yellow. On the other hand, if the veins appear green, the complexion is most likely warm-toned and can be enhanced with gold toner on a blonde base.
Warmer Toned Blonde

The opposite of cool blonde, warm shades exude radiance and warmth. Think golden wheat, honey and caramel blonde hues that brighten darker hair while looking natural and enhancing skin tones. Laverne Cox’s signature blond with sandy and strawberry highlights is perfect for those who want to look “Illuminated” while showing off their natural color.

A popular new blonde shade is lilac, which looks amazing on those with warmer skin tones and can be achieved by using a light ash base color, followed by toner that has a hint of pink in it (such as Matrix Toner). Be sure to use products like the HASK Blonde Care Purple Toning Shampoo and Conditioner to keep your client’s blonde looking beautiful.

If you want to tone a lighter blonde, try mixing in some golden balayage to help the warmth show through and prevent yellowing. This is a great option for those who don’t want to go as dark as an ash blonde, and also is more manageable for someone that needs to maintain their blonde frequently.
Base Break/Highlift Color

This one-step base breaker lifts the natural color & neutralizes warm tones for a fresh, clean blonde. Recommended for levels 7 and up.

Bicoastal colorist and stylist Reece Walker says that when you break the base, it gives a softer hairline and makes touch-ups faster because you don’t have to blend dark new growth with lighter highlights as much. “You can get a more even result, and your client will be able to go longer between highlights,” he explains.

To break the base with hair color, apply a permanent lifting formula that’s 1 to 2 shades lighter than your client’s current level, mixed with 20-volume developer. Use a lightener with cool tones, like Schwarzkopf Professional’s BLONDME Base Breaker in Soft Cool. It’s a fast service that will lift the underlying pigment without exposing too much warmth and takes less than 10 minutes to process.
Gold Blonde

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Embrace the tawny, caramel-like hue of Gold Blonde for a sun-kissed look. This warm-toned blonde is darker than honey blonde and lighter than beachy bronde. It’s rich, expensive-looking, and more subtle than platinum or even strawberry blonde.

To achieve this shade, start with a dark base and paint in a scattering of lighter ribbons with Color Touch 7/89 + 7/86 + 6% Freelights Developer. This creates a more multi-tonal, soft take on caramel blonde that’s perfect for those with natural brown hair who want to avoid brassiness.

While the name may suggest otherwise, Blonde Bar welcomes all music lovers into their venue. This fun spot is a great place to grab a drink and catch an exciting show. They feature many different acts throughout the week. So, get your friends together and head down to Blonde Bar for a night of entertainment. You won’t regret it! They also serve a wide variety of food.San Diego Blonde