Online Moving Quotes

Online moving quotes are a great way to get an idea of what your move will cost. They consider the size of your home and date of your move.

Many online quoting tools will ask you to take a virtual tour of your home or send someone to your house to conduct an inventory. This process gives companies the most accurate picture of your items to calculate a price.

Size and Weight of Your Home

Whether you need to pack and ship an entire home or just a few items, getting a price quote is crucial. There are a variety of online moving calculators that can help you determine the size and number of containers you will need to move your belongings.

Most reputable movers will send representatives to your home for a survey before providing a price estimate. These home surveyors will assess the house and look for potential problems come moving day (narrow hallways, narrow doorways, multiple flights of stairs). They will also take an inventory and calculate the weight of your shipment using proprietary furniture weight charts as well as their own experience and professional judgment.

The standard home inventory includes a sofa, love seat, chair, coffee table, 2 end tables, a queen size bed with headboard and footboard and dresser plus quite a few boxes for clothing and linens. If your home is larger, the price will be higher.

Special Services You May Need

The best way to save money on your move is to shop around for a reputable moving company. This ensures you’re getting a fair price and also helps you spot red flags like rock-bottom prices. You should try to gather quotes from at least three companies.

Online quotes typically start with a questionnaire that asks for basic information about your move. Once you submit it, the moving company may want a virtual survey of your home or a call with a customer representative to discuss details.

Formal quotes are more detailed and accurate than instant online estimates. They often include a written inventory list of items to be moved and their weights. In addition, a formal quote will usually have a clear breakdown of labor costs. It will also note any add-on services that you may need, such as professional packing or specialized handling for expensive items. Storage fees will also be included in the total cost.

State Laws

Most states have consumer protection laws and regulations covering moving companies. Those rules affect online moving quotes and how movers are allowed to bill consumers for their services.

When requesting a quote from a moving company, make sure the quote is official and not just an estimate. A company that provides an official, binding-not-to-exceed estimate will have a representative come to your home and physically survey your belongings. This gives them a better idea of the size of your shipment and how much it will weigh. The mover is then legally obligated to charge no more than the amount quoted in its published tariff.

Non-binding estimates are based on the moving company’s hourly rate plus any add-on services such as packing and disassembly. These estimates are subject to change based on factors such as the moving company’s seasonal rate increase and demand for the service during that time period. The final cost may also be affected by state sales tax.