Light Codes and Chakras

A light code is a group of short flashes that can be interpreted as words or symbols in the Morse code. A light with this characteristic is sometimes called a “group occulting light”.

Imagine your desired reality coming to you almost effortlessly. That’s what it’s like when you resonate with powerful manifestation energy.


Chakras are energy centers in your body that balance the spirit, mind and health. They are located from the base of the spine to the pinnacle of the head and each have a corresponding color, vibration, and sound frequency that affects our lives in various ways. Many holistic therapists, yoga instructors and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners have added the chakra system to their practice.

The chakras are said to influence the organs and systems of the body through the endocrine and nervous systems. Blocked or overloaded chakras are associated with disease, while balanced chakras promote optimal physical and emotional well-being.

Some of the most commonly discussed chakras are the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat and Crown chakras. The Root chakra is red in color and is the meeting point of two important energetic streams that flow through the body, the ida and pingala nadis. This chakra is linked to our grounding and survival instincts. Blocked or overloaded Root chakras can lead to feeling stuck and unmotivated.

The Heart chakra is associated with love, compassion and empathy. When this chakra is blocked or overloaded, you may experience feelings of isolation and resentment. Stimulating the Heart chakra can help you learn to love unconditionally and form healthy relationships.

Light Language Symbols / Codes

Light language is a form of communication that is encoded on a quantum level. It consists of symbols that contain frequencies of healing, alignment and expansion. This energy is channeled through the heart and the light body (aura).

It can be interpreted in a variety of ways. It can be spoken, sung, danced, automatic writing, gestured (intuitive sign language), or expressed through other artistic manners. It’s similar to ancient hieroglyphics. One symbol often translates paragraphs of potent information.

This language of the light can be used to activate dormant strands of DNA, clear blockages to joy, love, health and abundance, and to connect to our true soul essence, authentic frequency, highest vibration, and home of origin. It can also help to release childhood trauma, limiting beliefs and patterns, restructure our cellular structure and activate a greater sense of purpose.

Light Language is a co-creative and sacred language. It’s a way to communicate with our higher selves and is based in trust and surrender. It is a very natural and effortless process. You can access these codes in meditation, a session with Shannon or through my oracle cards. To use the oracle cards, close your eyes as you connect within. Formulate a question or ask what is most important for you to receive right now. Then, shuffle and select a card.


The Awakening is an important milestone on the journey to higher consciousness. It is a process of reclaiming your cosmic birthright, understanding and acknowledging the truth about our history and recognizing that you have an original template and timeline within your genetic consciousness.

Awakening is a process that requires time and effort. It is a gradual journey that can be accelerated by joining together in a conscious community. Many of these communities focus on healing the body, reprogramming DNA, and activating your ancient memory codes. These ancient codes are channeled through the aether and can be felt physically and emotionally. These vibrations connect to the heart space and activate the higher chakras.

Spiritual awakening is also referred to as enlightenment but it is important to distinguish the difference between these terms. Enlightenment is a state of complete alignment with the universe in all forms and beyond form – or in Buddhist parlance, emptiness. Spiritual awakening, on the other hand, is a temporary condition of clarity that may involve delusion and addictions.

Recent studies have shown that the lighting exposure accumulation before awakening affects physiological and psychological indexes such as sleep quality, morning alertness, and mood. However, the experimental design used in most of these studies does not accurately represent human behavior in real life. In addition, the use of artificial illumination at dawn and dusk is insufficient to simulate natural zeitgeber light.


This practice uses ‘Light Language’ which is channeled sounds, tones and codes from other dimensions to clear blocks and distortions in your energy and consciousness. This is done by allowing these multi-dimensional holographic frequencies to be absorbed deeply into your cells and into the subtle dimensions of your being. The Light Code has the ability to transform your vibration to a frequency that is aligned with the universal vibration of love, peace and prosperity at divine speed.

Transmutation is a chemical process in which one substance changes into another substance, and sometimes also into a pure form of energy. In the physical universe, nuclear transmutation is a fundamental part of nature’s energy transformation processes. It happens when unstable radioisotopes of an element decay. Some of them turn into stable isotopes, and others into other elements (usually heavier ones). For example, potassium-40, an element containing 40 protons, decays into argon-40. Most of this argon stays in the atmosphere, but some of it is released into the water as radon and becomes a health hazard if inhaled.

Natural nuclear transmutation is also happening in stars, when hydrogen and helium fuse to create heavier elements (up to iron) and produce energy. This is what powers a star, and it’s happening in our own Milky Way galaxy as well. During this process, radioactive isotopes of some elements are also transmutated into more stable isotopes or other elements.light codes