Essential Items For Your Mens Wash Bag

A trip away from home calls for a quality wash bag to schlep your essential grooming items in style. The flimsy plastic bags you grab from drugstores won’t cut it.

Instead, invest in a leather or canvas toiletries bag that will only get better with time. John Henric offers a wide selection of stylish and practical mens wash bags that are primed for travel.
1. Face wash

While many men may be tempted to ignore the old adage that “real men just wash their faces with a dirty towel,” keeping the face clean is an essential step in anyone’s skincare routine. Regular cleansing removes excess oil, dirt and dead skin cells, helping to prevent ingrown hairs and breakouts.

This cleanser is gentle enough for daily use and works well on all skin types. It also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark spots while promoting a fresh, more youthful appearance.

A gentle foaming formula, this product is ideal for sensitive skin. It contains anti-inflammatory ingredients like chamomile and gotu kola extract, while being free of fragrances and sulfates, which can cause dryness. It’s also cruelty-free and eco-friendly.
2. Moisturizer

A moisturizer is a cream, lotion, ointment or balm designed to add hydration to your face or skin. Moisturizers work to repair dry or damaged skin, help healthy skin stay that way, and guard against irritation. This is one of the most important items for your mens wash bag because it protects your face, which is more sensitive than other parts of the body. A good moisturizer can help keep your skin hydrated and smooth, especially when you are traveling or on the go.
3. Beard oil

Beard oil is a cosmetic product that helps moisturize the skin under your facial hair, as well as soften and tame it. It typically contains a combination of carrier oils and essential oils, absolutes or extracts.

The carrier oils (such as coconut, grape seed, jojoba, and argan) help condition the beard and skin. Essential oils, absolutes, or extracts give the beard oil a unique scent.

Our testers loved the light woody scent and found this beard oil easy to use. They also reported that it tamed flyaways and made their beards easier to brush through.

Be sure to apply the oil evenly. Using too much could leave you with a greasy face and beard, while not applying enough will lead to dry and itchy skin.
4. Shaving kit

A good shaving kit should include everything a man needs to get a close, smooth shave. A quality shaving brush and razor along with pre-shave oil, aftershave cream, and shaving gel are must-have items for men’s toiletry kits.

Men who travel often or who share bathrooms with family members will appreciate a handsome, well-appointed mens wash bag that holds all their grooming essentials. Consider a stylish, handcrafted Milwaukee leather dopp kit with zipper-top fastening and hanging loops on both ends.

This style of mens wash bag was designed by Charles Doppelt and first used by soldiers going off to war during World War I and World War II. The bag is lightweight and easily fits into carry-on luggage. The sturdy Milwaukee leather is tanned with a vegetable process for strength and durability.
5. Deodorant

A clean, classic deodorant is a key accessory for any grooming kit. It prevents odours from developing throughout the day, keeping you fresh and confident.

Natural deodorants come in a variety of formats, from sticks to creams to roll-ons. Sticks are the most familiar and similar to traditional deodorant, making them easy to use. Creams are thick and can be messy, while roll-ons are compact and easy to dispense onto your pits.

Aside from smelling good, the most important thing to look for in a men’s deodorant is that it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals like aluminum chlorohydrate and talc. It also doesn’t block the body’s apocrine sweat glands, including those in the armpits and groin. This can lead to an imbalance of bacteria that cause odours and irritation.