Choosing a Venue For Hen Parties and Stag Nights

This is one of the most popular venues for hen parties and stag nights in Cardiff. This is because it has a unique showbar setup that offers a variety of themed activities and entertainment.

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Internal Beading

Unlike older double glazed doors, modern UPVC doors come with internal beading which makes it difficult for an intruder to break the window or door glass. They also have multiple locking points, barrel points with anti-lift pins and hinge protectors which prevent a burglar from lifting the window or door open to break in. In addition, UPVC tilt and turn windows have a built-in vent which allows them to be opened for ventilation. This is especially beneficial for those living in hot climates.


You can customise your windows with a wide range of colours and handles. These are a great choice for Llanishen homeowners who want to create an original double glazing installation that will enhance the look of their home. These windows are available in aluminium which allows for a huge spectrum of colour finishes to suit any style of property. This window type is also highly durable and resistant to rotting and warping, making it a great option for those who need an energy efficient, long-lasting double glazing solution. Our Flush Sash windows are available in woodgrain effects too for a classic finish.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient windows and doors are highly sought after by homeowners, especially with new builds which require greater energy efficiency. They are manufactured using glass with a low emissivity coating that helps heat to reflect back into the home, rather than escape through the window and frame. The frames are also filled with harmless gasses such as argon or krypton that help improve their energy efficiency rating.

Energy ratings are measured on a U-value scale that takes into account the frame, glass and seals of the window system. The lower the U-value, the more energy efficient the window is.

Choosing energy efficient windows and doors can have many benefits, including a reduction in your heating bills, draughts and condensation. Upgrading your windows to double glazing can save you money and help reduce your carbon footprint. These measures are easy to implement and can make a difference to your household energy consumption. windows cardiff