Appreciating a Man’s Contribution to Relationships

Men want to feel appreciated. It’s a cliche that women like compliments, but men do too. It’s a big part of great relationship communication.

Men appreciate compliments that are specific to them and their accomplishments. Here are some of the top compliments that guys love to hear:

  1. Appreciate his effort

Men love to be validated for their efforts and skills. Complimenting the things they do for you, particularly if they’re related to their masculinity or gender roles, can make them feel confident and encouraged to continue doing it even better.

Providing this sense of security can make them feel comfortable investing in the relationship and it can help them avoid negative behavior, according to psychologist Dr. John Gottman. He says that for every negative interaction in a relationship, five positive interactions are necessary to maintain stability.

For example, if your partner drops the kids off to school and does it every day without complaint, you can tell him that it’s something you appreciate. It might seem simple, but it can go a long way in a relationship.

  1. Appreciate his patience

It may sound like a cliche, but men do want appreciation. If he helps you with something difficult, or if he takes the time to do a ‘manly’ task such as opening a tight jar or killing an insect, then make sure that he knows how much you appreciate him for it.

If he always shows up on time for dates or other events, let him know that you appreciate that he makes an effort to show up and that you value that in him. It will make him feel good.

Whether it is verbal or non-verbal, showing that you are appreciative of your man can have great power in your relationship. However, it’s important not to overuse it, as too much of a good thing can become stale and lose its impact.

  1. Appreciate his support

It might sound cliche and comedic but it’s true, men want to be appreciated. They need it to feel worthy of the love and care they provide their partners.

In our society that places so much emphasis on outcomes and achievements, it can be easy to overlook the efforts a man goes through to achieve those results. A compliment that focuses on the journey he took to get there can be deeply meaningful.

Just like with criticism, if you show appreciation too often it can lose its meaning for your partner or even become annoying. However, if you use it sparingly to express genuine appreciation, it can be an incredible tool in your relationship communication arsenal. A great way to do this is by telling him how proud you are of his accomplishments.

  1. Appreciate his love

Men often feel under-appreciated, which can damage their self-esteem and their relationship. Taking the time to show appreciation on a regular basis will help them feel better about themselves and the relationship.

Men love to be complimented, especially when it’s sincere and specific. They also like to be recognized for their efforts. For instance, you could compliment him on the way he protects you or the fact that he takes care of you.

When expressing your appreciation, keep in mind that different people have different love languages. Some examples of love languages are words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, and acts of service. Knowing your partner’s love language will make it easier to show them that you appreciate them. It will also help them understand that you are truly listening.

  1. Appreciate his honesty

Honesty is a vital part of a healthy relationship. Men who are honest about their feelings and thoughts can help their partners navigate difficult situations by fostering an environment of trust and vulnerability. A man’s honesty can be challenging to receive at times, especially when they share something that hurts or makes you uncomfortable. However, if you can accept his honesty and respond to it with gratitude, it will create a positive feedback loop that promotes effective communication in the relationship.

Show him how much you appreciate his honesty by complimenting him on specific behaviors, like calling instead of texting after a date or being able to fix something in the house. Also, compliment him on his personality traits and skills, such as being a good listener or a caring friend.Appreciating a man’s contribution to relationships