Zaza Red 24 Count Review

Zaza Red 24 Count is a new extra strength combination of kratom and Tianeptine. It comes in a bottle of 15-24 capsules. The company says it is a powerful stimulant that can boost energy and focus.

It is sold in tinted bottles with easy-open lids. The pill has been nicknamed “gas station heroin.” It can trigger opioid receptors and be addictive.

Product Description

Zaza Red is a popular headshop brand of kratom capsules. Its reputation is less than stellar, and its ingredients are a recipe for a dangerous combination. Its cheap tinted bottles and easy-open lids make it especially risky for anyone who doesn’t know better. Its labeling doesn’t provide enough details, and its warning is vague.

Besides the kratom, the capsules contain Tianeptine powder. Tianeptine is an atypical substance that has been used as a prescription drug in other countries. It’s not FDA-approved in the United States and may have side effects that can be dangerous or fatal when taken with kratom. Its usage is also prohibited if you’re pregnant or taking MAOIs. Each bottle of Zaza Red contains 24 capsules. Each capsule is 700mg. You can purchase this product from our sister company Sacci backgammon & chess. Every board comes with tournament sanctioned precision dice.


Zaza Red, or Za Za Red, is a proprietary kratom capsule that differs from others on the domestic market in its blend of ingredients. This specific product reportedly contains a combination of kratom powder and tianeptine, a powerful prescription drug that is not approved for use in the United States. Additionally, sources claim that it also contains methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), which has been linked to numerous adverse reactions when combined with other drugs and supplements. Furthermore, Zaza Red is marketed in cheap tinted bottles with easy-to-open lids that make it that much more dangerous and risky to use.

Each bottle of Zaza Red contains 24 capsules.

Side Effects

Zaza Red ingredients bind to Mu opioid receptors in the brain, and can cause an intense high with long-lasting effects that are often described as euphoric. It’s not recommended to combine Zaza Red with other drugs or alcohol, as they can amplify their effects and lead to dangerous overdose.

Tianeptine products are legal in most states and can be purchased at local gas stations and convenience stores, where they get their slang name of “gas station heroin.” Recreational users use them for their opioid-like effects, which include a sense of euphoria, calmness and reduced anxiety.

Kristin is concerned her addiction to Zaza Red may cause her to lose custody of her son, so she’s trying to quit by going to a residential treatment facility. However, she’s struggling to find resources that can help her overcome this challenge and find a healthier life.

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