Why Are My Airpods So Quiet – Simple 6 Fixes

Apple’s Airpods are one of the most popular products in the Apple store. They are easy to use, and they work perfectly! Unfortunately, from time to time, there are some issues with them that need to be addressed. It is a common problem that Airpods go quiet over time or start to have a low volume over time. Do you have experience with this problem?

Why Are My AirpodsSo Quiet?

To start with, it is very important to realize there is not one single reason why you might be experiencing a low volume or quiet sound from your Airpods. The reason for this could be for a variety of reasons, but the only way to be certain about what the exact cause is to test out different things on your own first, so we will go over those now!

  1. Remove the Earwax, Sweat & Moisture

It’s gum. Your Airpods will sound different if anything gets into them, whether it’s from your ears, a dusty environment, or somewhere else.

Your Airpods aren’t putting as much sound in your ear as they used to due to this issue. Airpods’ volume can dramatically decrease when earwax accumulates inside them.

It is enough to make a big difference in sound quality just by adding a bit of ear wax to your Airpods. When you work out with your Airpods or wear them in the rain, moisture can build up, too. If you sweat while wearing Airpods, the salt will remain in them, diminishing the sound quality.

In addition, once dry, Airpods that have been soaked in rain or sweat will accumulate dust.  The rubber tips of Airpods Pro are notorious for gathering dust, sweat, and earwax like nobody’s business!

To determine if a buildup of gunk is causing your Airpods Pro to have poor sound quality or volume, check inside the tips. Take a close look! Often, it can become so caked on that it is almost undetectable at first glance.

  • The Solution

Make sure your Airpods’ speakers are clean and check them regularly. To check if the speakers are covered in gunk, you may need to remove the tips from your Airpods Pro.

It’s easy to get dirt and gunk out of your Airpods. Nonetheless, you need to make sure that you’re cleaning the electronics correctly because they’re sensitive.

To remove dirt and grime from your Airpods, use a clean, dry toothbrush. As with cleaning your ears, you can use a Q-Tip to clean out your Airpods.

Please do not use soap or water to remove the blockage – it will only make it worse, and you risk permanently damaging the speakers.

  1. Low Power Mode

Airpods’ volume will automatically be reduced if your iPhone is in Low Power Mode. You may need to turn off Low Power Mode in order to make your Airpods louder.

Low Power Mode shouldn’t affect the volume at all since your Airpods aren’t drawing any power from your iPhone. That’s a design flaw.

Having the volume up on your Airpods doesn’t drain your phone battery at all, but it does drain your Airpods’ battery nonetheless.

However, even though there is no logical reason for this, it still happens. The volume of any headphones you’re using will be affected if your iPhone is in Low Power Mode.

  • The Solution

In case you are wondering why your Airpods suddenly became so quiet, you can check your iPhone settings to see if Low Power Mode is enabled. Then you should be able to turn it off, and the volume should return to normal! Please make sure you charge it up as soon as possible!

  • Click the “Settings” button
  • Then select “Battery”.
  • Make sure “Low Power Mode” is turned off.

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