What Type of Board Games Should You Play

There are a number of different board games including the hanabi board game available. Some of the popular games include Monopoly, Backgammon, Scattergories, and Jenga and hanabi. These types of games are a great way to bond with family and friends. In addition, they also provide many benefits, such as improving memory, strengthening problem-solving skills, and improving mental health.


Backgammon is a popular game played by two players. It is a classic strategy game, and despite its complexity, it is surprisingly easy to play.

The game’s origins are unknown, but it may have been invented in Mesopotamia around 5,000 years ago. A version was likely also played by the Egyptian Pharaohs, and later by the Greeks.

Backgammon is usually played for money. The player with the highest score wins. However, it can be played for other stakes as well.

Using a set of fifteen white and black disks, players bear off at least one stone, and attempt to remove all of their pieces from the board. The first to bear off all fifteen stones is the winner.


Jenga is a classic board game that’s enjoyed around the world. It requires a few simple rules to keep the tower intact.

Jenga can be played by a single person or with a group. One of the main objectives of the game is to build the tallest tower possible. The structure is stacked of 54 wooden blocks.

To build the tower, you’ll need to select the best pieces. This is not an easy task. You may want to start with simple bricks and work your way up. However, do not rush. If you’re too fast, you’ll probably fall from the tower.

In fact, one wrong move can wreck the whole thing. That is why it is important to plan and make smart moves to keep the structure from collapsing.

Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan is a popular strategy board game. Players compete to build settlements, cities and roads. They also try to trade resources and barter with opponents. The player who accumulates the most victory points is the winner.

Settlers is one of the most popular and successful board games in history. It has sold over twenty million copies worldwide. Currently, it is in its fifth edition. This includes several expansions that offer more advanced cities and pirates.

Settlers was originally designed by Klaus Teuber, a dental technician from Germany. His hobby was developing and creating board games. Before Settlers, he had already created the Barbarossa board game.


Monopoly is a board game designed for 2-8 players. It is played by rolling dice, moving around the board, collecting rent, buying properties, and trading. Players must try to force opponents into bankruptcy. If they do not succeed, the last player to remain on the board wins.

There are a number of different versions of Monopoly. The original North American edition includes named properties such as Atlantic City, New Jersey. Other countries have made their own versions to reflect their own locales.

Monopoly is a popular game in many countries. The board is set up so that it represents various places, events, and real estate. Each space has a name, such as jail, tax, chance, and community chest. Most spaces allow you to purchase property or collect money, while others require you to draw a card.


The classic family game Scattergories is a fun way to add a little excitement to your next party or family gathering. It is a fast-paced, word game that requires players to make lists of items and topics.

Played by two to six players, this game is suitable for children as well as adults. Each player starts by creating a list of categories. A die is then rolled to reveal the letter that describes a category. Players then search their cards to create words that fit into the category.

In the game, a category is defined by a key word and players compete to earn points. Players get extra points for answers that contain more than one word. They also get a point if the answer uses alliteration.

Crazy Games

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