Strategies For Outperforming in YouTube Views

If you’re looking to outperform your competition in YouTube views, the best way is to create videos that resonate with your audience. This includes creating videos that are interesting, informative and relevant to your target market. The more you connect with your audience, the more likely YouTube’s algorithm will show your video in search results or on their home feed.

The next best strategy is to optimize your content to improve engagement. This includes promoting your video on social media and using calls to action in your video that encourage viewers to interact with your channel. This can be as simple as pinning an easy call to action at the end of your video or it could include adding links to your website or other relevant channels in the description.

Creating compelling thumbnails is another important way to increase your view counts. This can be done by making them colorful and engaging to draw attention and make viewers want to click. Marisa Tolsma from Bumblebee Apothecary says that a good thumbnail is one that makes viewers interested in what the video will be about and shows a sneak peek at the beginning of the video. It’s also essential to have a clear and concise title that includes keywords without overstating what the video will be about.

Finally, it’s important to use a variety of video formats and lengths. While shorter videos are great for catching people’s attention, long-form videos are more effective for boosting average watch time. Increasing the average watch time of your video helps YouTube rank you for more keywords because it demonstrates that your video is a valuable resource and relevant to users.

Another way to optimize your video for better performance is to study the behavior of your competitors. This can be done by tracking competitor videos and analyzing their content. This can help you understand what their most popular videos are about, which topics are driving traffic, and what kind of content brings the most engagement. You can also find out what times of the day their videos are most popular.

Additionally, you can analyze their post frequency and content tonality to determine what kind of content is working best for them. Lastly, you can study their descriptions and titles to see what keywords are getting the most traffic. This can help you focus on those keywords in your own descriptions, transcribe your videos, and use them in your video metadata.Strategies for outperforming in YouTube views