Shamanic Ritualsfor Lifting Curses

It will tell you about a ritual that can help you to feel as if the curse has been lifted.The intention of this ritual is that it will help to clear away negative energies and allow more positive and healthy energy to flow. As a result, your life will be filled with more harmony and success.

Furthermore, although you can contact me to come and do this for you, you will probably be able to do this yourself. Once you have read the article a few times and you get the hang of it.

It would be best to skip the burning shamanic rituals smoke part of the ritual if you have any health and breathing issues such as asthma, etc., and instead focus on this clearing by flooding the room with your favorite color, etc.

The ritual should be performed in comfortable clothing and while alone so you can play some music and/or chant while you are doing it. While the ritual can be done silently, I find that the more senses I use, the more powerful it becomes. Currently, I use a Shaman’s rattle and a rhythm designed to create the proper effect and trance state that makes this even more powerful.

The more I practice this ritual, the more I feel as though a “curse” has been lifted. Watching this is often popular, while others simply want to benefit from it.Maggie recently complained about a “curse” feeling and wanted to lift it, so I performed an elaborate version of what you are learning one night while she was at the gym, and she was relieved. Soon, the curse was lifted!

How to Perform Shamanic Rituals – Easy Steps

I have written about and shared a more advanced version of this ritual. Although they really liked it, they felt it was a bit too involved and elaborate. Here is a simplified version that will serve you more easily in modern times.

  1. Dress comfortably and open a window if you can so that the smoke can leave and take the negative energy with it.
  2. Take part in this ritual alone or with a supportive companion. If you are mocked or disbelieved by negative people, this will not serve you and may lead to more of a “curse” feeling.
  3. If you feel that burning sage or incense will clear this curse, burn it carefully. Be aware of smoke detectors and fire alarms and take precautions when dealing with fire, smoke, and other hazards.

The sage or incense is burned in a non-flammable dish with seashells from an ocean beach where I have had good experiences. The flames and ash are contained in the dish.

  1. Bathe in this smoke and allow it to cleanse you and lift any “curses” away from you.
  2. Chant, sing, or walk from room to room, especially to the corners of the rooms. Say whatever you want (I often say “Negative energy goes, and Positive energy flows.
  3. Work on each room until you feel the energy of the room change for the better.
  4. If something bad happens in your house, apartment, or office, pay close attention to the area or room. As you sage the emotions away with the smoke, remember the events that happened and say: Thanks for the lessons, but now it’s time for you to leave. You’re no longer welcome and I’m making room for more positive energies and lessons.”
  5. The ritual should be closed when the incense has been burned or when you feel clear or at the very least feel better about yourself living or working in this environment. Thank yourself, your higher self or anyone or anything you feel has been able to guide you.

You don’t need to concern yourself with the specifics and ingredients because the most important thing here is your intent. It should be about lifting a “curse” or removing negativity.

For a Professional Hypnotist, all of this is just a more spiritual, esoteric version of letting go. Changing your habit or negative self-talk into something more beneficial to you.

A teacher of mine once told me that the intent is the most crucial component of shamanic Rituals and I had forgotten some of the classic ingredients and wardrobe when I was called to perform this type of ritual.


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