Sex Addiction Symptoms

When compulsive sexual behavior is taking over one’s life, it may be time to get professional help. Learn more about sex addiction symptoms and how they’re different from healthy sexual behaviours.

The most common sex addiction symptoms are:
1. Spending excessive amounts of time engaging in sexual behaviours and fantasies.People who have a sex addiction are often obsessed with thoughts of sex and fantasies that take up a large portion of their free time. They spend an unhealthy amount of time engaging in sexual activities, which can include sex over the phone, pornography, or computer, as well as masturbating habitually. They’re also likely to be unfaithful or have extramarital relationships because of their insatiable sexual appetites. They might even have multiple sexual partners and lead double lives to keep their habitual behaviours secret.

2. Neglecting responsibilities to meet their sexual cravings.
A person who has a sex addiction will frequently neglect their family, job responsibilities, and pretty much anything else that isn’t sex-related in order to meet their sexual urges. In some cases, sex addicts will even be willing to trade their hard-earned money for the pleasure of a quick fix.

Often, people who suffer from sex addiction experience mood swings between euphoria and feelings of shame, guilt, and depression. This is because they are unable to control their actions and their preoccupation with sex takes up too much of their time and energy, which makes them feel a lack of self-worth. Treatment can involve cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to help shift the focus away from the self-destructive thoughts and behaviors and can include medication for those who need it.

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