Michael Kors Bags For Cheap

For many individuals worldwide for whom premier luxury labels are a far-off dream, Michael Kors melds style and functionality in a way that’s perhaps more suited to their daily lives.

The brand’s covetable designs have unleashed thousands of high-street knockoffs, but you can pick up a genuine buy for less online. Just be sure to compare prices before you plunge.

Hobo Bags

A hobo bag is a style of handbag that was popularized by celebrities in the early 2000s. They are oversized and have a slouchy silhouette, making them perfect for boho-chic outfits. These bags are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. They can be decorated with tassels, prints and other details that make them unique.

These bags are named for the hobos, who were people that traveled for free on freight trains in order to find work in other places. The name derived from the shape of the bag, which resembled the bindle that they used to carry on their shoulders.

The difference between hobo bags and tote or satchel bags is that a hobo bag usually has one long strap that can be worn over the shoulder. This makes them easy to carry and gives them a relaxed appearance. They are perfect for a casual look, while also being stylish and elegant.


A chic backpack is the perfect accessory for a casual tee-and-jeans outfit, or an office-ready suit. From the designer’s namesake collection to modern Jet Set separates, a Michael Kors bag is the ideal daily accessory for uptown style.

The mom on the go needs a handbag with plenty of space for her wallet, keys, and phone. Large hobo bags like the Camden and Marina are roomy enough for her essentials, while the Rhea is compact yet studios-ready for carrying school supplies.

For a day at the beach or up in the air, a Michael Kors belt bag is petite and versatile. Worn around the waist as a belt or across the chest like a mini crossbody, it’s the ideal travel companion when you want hands-free convenience but don’t want to sacrifice on fashion.


A sleek purse is the finishing touch to any outfit, and Michael Kors has plenty of styles to choose from. Whether you’re going for a glam look with a sequin dress or a classic tee and jeans, there’s a bag to match.

For moms with kids in tow, a large hobo bag like the Marina or Camden is perfect for stashing juice boxes and snacks on-the-go. If you need to haul around a lot of books, a backpack like the Rhea is sturdy enough for heavy textbooks.

Compared to luxury brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Tory Burch, a Michael Kors purse is relatively inexpensive. That’s because labor is the #1 component of any handbag’s cost, and Michael Kors bags are made mostly in Asia where factory workers are paid a fraction of what their European counterparts make. For even more savings, check out the Michael Kors designer sale to score a new head-to-toe outfit for just the price of one bag!


Michael Kors wallets are a must have in every fashion lover’s closet. With an extensive selection, including the latest season’s styles and trending colors available at Lyst, there’s something for everyone.

The designer’s namesake collection is a testament to his all-American style. Achieving the perfect balance between laid-back chic and timeless elegance, Michael Kors bags are both eye-catching and versatile.

Whether she’s off to work in the city or out for a weekend adventure, the jet set travel tote is the ideal companion. And if she’s heading to the airport, she’ll have enough room for her iPad, a few magazines and a light scarf or pashmina.

For a chic accessory that matches her Michael Kors handbag, why not add a matching key ring? These slick designs come in a variety of pleasing shapes and attractive colours. They’re also a great gift idea for any occasion. michael kors bags for cheap