Magick has always been in our lives

Magick has been in our lives even before magic crept into it. While magic involves tricks and optical illusions, magick has a lot to do with spells and sorcerers. The extra “K” in magick denotes the fact that a lot needs to be conquered on the mental front before one can accept the tenets of magick. Someone practicing magick cannot perform physical feats like conjuring up a pigeon from a handkerchief. Magick could be used for positive purposes as well as negative purposes. It could even be used to prevent people from dying.

Magick can be seen to be beneficial to us because it play a vital role in:

  1. Banishing: Magick always acts upon forces acting on the situation, so magick can be used to banish or remove forces that could interfere with the magick.
  2. Invocation: Invocation is the involvement of mystical figures in the process. It can also mean that the mind of the person should be involved to such an extent that he or she loses awareness of the self.
  3. Yoga: Yoga involves focusing the mind on the goal. It is very important for all kinds of magick to take the proper effect to concentrate on the goal of the magick.
  4. Astral travel: Astral travel involves the travel of an astral body from a physical body.
  5. Consecration and purification: Consecration involves the dedication of a certain set of a particular instrument to a particular purpose. Purification works out to be purifying the self through fasting and dieting, etc.
  6. Ritual: A ritual is usually a collection of symbols specific to a community or group aimed at a goal. A ritual could be a part of the magick that could be goal-orientedsuch as blood magick
  7. Divination: Allows the magicians to identify with the Divine Being. This helps the magician know about things by using magick.
  8. Invocation: Invocation of spirits could be an identification with the spirit. Invoking the spirits involves a similar process as involved when the poet and the musicians identify with the Eternal Being.
  9. Evocation: Spirits are evoked by paying special attention to a specific part of self.
  10. Eucharist: Eucharist owes its origin to The Last Supper and stands for the transformation of bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ. The magick is that the consumer of bread and wine imbibes the properties of blood and flesh. Food and drink are said to take on certain qualities.

Candle magick, Sympathetic magick, Santeria magick or voodoo, Symbolic or divination magick, crystal or gem stone magick, knot magick or binding magick, and moon magick are some of the commonly known forms of magick. This is certainly not an exhaustive list. In each of these, the basic aim is to form an image of the individual.

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