Magic Spells For Obsession – How to Make Someone Obsessed With You

If you’re considering casting a powerful spell to make someone obsessed with you, be sure to consult with a professional online spell caster. They can provide you with the best rituals to achieve your goals without imposing your will on others or robbing them of their free will.

Powerful voodoo obsession love spells require a lot of energy. They also have a high risk of blowback.

Love honey jar spell

A love honey jar spell is an excellent way to make someone obsessed with you. It’s very safe and effective, and works well on both men and women. Whether you want to make your ex jealous or get your crush’s attention, this spell will help you achieve your goals. Unlike other magic spells, it doesn’t create feelings where none exist – it simply heightens existing ones and makes them more intense.

First, you need to gather all your ingredients. This includes a small glass mason jar, sugar, honey, pink and red candles, and saffron. Place the sugar in the jar and fill it 2/3 of the way with honey. Then, add the herbs and flowers. You can also include any other item that symbolizes love and your intentions. Next, write the name of the person you desire on a piece of paper and fold it three times. This is an important step because the number 3 has numerological meanings linked to passion and wholeness.

When you’re finished, close the jar and store it somewhere safe. Some wiccans recommend burying the jar near blooming flowers or growing herbs. Others recommend storing the jar inside your wardrobe. Keep it there for at least a month and then take it out to shake it and re-infuse it with magic. Repeat the process every week until you see results.

Honey jar spell for love

A honey jar spell is an effective way to call in love and invite sweetness into your life. Whether you want to endear yourself to someone, draw in a new lover, or spice up your relationship, this ritual is easy to perform and requires simple ingredients. You can also use this spell to sweeten up a situation that is sour.

While the name of this spell suggests using honey, it is also possible to use sugar, maple syrup, molasses, or any other sweet ingredient. These are all powerful ingredients that promote feelings of love, kindness, harmony, and goodwill. They can also heighten and enhance the existing feelings of a person that you are trying to affect.

To cast this spell, gather up items that have meaning to you and represent qualities that you desire in a partner. Fill a small jar about half full with the desired item. Add some dried herbs such as sage, rosemary, or lavender that are known to inspire feelings of love and healing. Finish off the jar with honey. Close the jar with the lid and place it somewhere safe. Light a pink candle and allow it to burn all the way down, sealing the spell in the jar with its wax. Repeat this ritual as often as necessary, keeping in mind your petition and what you want to accomplish with the spell.

Honey jar spell for relationship

A honey jar spell can be used to endear yourself to someone or attract new love. It can also be cast to “sweeten” an existing relationship that is currently sour. The spell can work very quickly if you have the right intention. It also works well for rekindling a marriage. Using this spell in this way may result in a quick reconciliation, but it will only work if you let go of any negative feelings and beliefs that are blocking your success.

The honey jar spell is a popular magic ritual that is commonly referred to as a Sweetening Jar in hoodoo practice. It is one of the most common types of spells and has been modified over time to include a variety of ingredients, rituals, and containers. This type of spell can be used for many purposes, but it is most often used to attract a love interest.

The main ingredients for this spell are honey, sugar, and a piece of paper that is written on with your intention. The paper should be folded at least three times, but you can use a different number of folds if you prefer. You can add other ingredients to the jar as well, but the honey is the most important ingredient because it symbolizes sweetness. When you complete the spell, you should bury it somewhere safe and secure.

Honey jar spell for friendship

Honey jar spells are a unique form of sympathetic magic that utilize visualization, manifestation, and (you guessed it) honey to produce positive outcomes and refresh intentions. They’re also incredibly versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes, from sweetening someone to attracting a friend. To perform a honey jar spell, begin by cleaning the space you’ll be working in and your jar with sage or palo santo. Then, using pink ink, write the name of the person you want to attract or sweeten on a piece of paper. Next, rotate the paper 90 degrees and write your name across theirs three times. Make sure to use cursive and complete the circle of your names.

Once you’ve written your intention, seal the jar and place it somewhere you’ll see it often to remind yourself of your goal. You can add any other items you want to the jar, including herbs and crystals. Van Der Car explains that certain ingredients have agreed-upon meanings, like rosemary for remembrance, lavender for peace, and mugwort for visions, but you can choose what you feel is right for your situation.

You can also include candles to help strengthen your energy and bring your intention to life. However, be careful not to light the candle while the jar is sealed. This can cause the seal to break, which will break the spell and leave the jar open to negative influences.spells for obsession

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