Luxury Cars Offer More Than Just Comfort

Luxury cars offer a variety of amenities and features. From advanced connectivity elements to the latest powertrain electrification technologies, these cars offer more than just comfort.

These vehicles are usually a better value for money compared to other models. They also feature unique ownership perks. These include concierge services and luxury dealership spaces.

Entry-level luxury

If you’re looking to enter the luxury market without breaking the bank, consider one of these gateway choices. These models don’t have some of the more up-level features of their pricier stablemates, but they do offer premium touches and impressive driving dynamics.

The 2022 Acura ILX is the least expensive model on this list, and a solid pick for entry-level luxury. It’s a compact sedan that’s fun to drive with subdued styling and plenty of premium amenities like heated seats and adaptive cruise control.

If you’re in the market for a small luxury car, you could also consider the BMW 1 Series coupe or convertible. These two-door models are compact, sporty, and fun to drive, with a usable back seat. For something more traditional, the Audi A4 strikes a balance between performance and stately character. Its most affordable editions offer a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that delivers between 211 and 220 horsepower. This model’s available with quattro all-wheel drive in some editions.


Luxury cars can often be priced above the high-middle class, but there are options in the middle as well. For example, the Lexus LS range of vehicles offers a competitive starting price for those seeking a plush ride. And the Toyota-owned Infiniti brand also has a number of vehicles worthy of the luxury designation.

Affluent consumers expect new channels and a continuous engagement with brands in the luxury segment, especially after being exposed to luxury-goods experiences in other retail environments. McKinsey’s China Consumer Survey shows that 80 percent of luxury-car customers seek a seamless, omnichannel experience.

The growth of the luxury car market is tied to global economic trends and the development of wealth. The resale market is a big factor as well, with young people justifying luxury spending by recouping the cost on Depop later.


The very best luxury cars offer more – whether it’s comfort and refinement for front and rear passengers or the latest on-board technology. But there are also a host of subtle touches that add up to a big difference. These could include leather seats with electric adjustment and massage options, a large infotainment system with plenty of space for all your gadgets or even Wi-Fi hotspot capability.

The market for new luxury models is fiercely competitive. And even companies with a reputation for excellence can struggle to maintain their position. This is because consumers won’t remain emotionally invested in brands that fail to innovate or to elevate the technical and functional benefits of their products.

A brand like Bentley, for instance, is renowned for its exceptional quality. But despite producing an array of thrilling sports cars, it has lost ground in the luxury car rankings – dropping one place to number eight this year.


Ultra-luxury cars are all about opulence, a sense of occasion and conferred status. These are the cars for those who can afford it, with prices often soaring into seven figures.

Rolls Royce and Bentley are the two most iconic brands in the world of ultra-luxury, with their heritage of impeccable engineering and bespoke design. But these aren’t the only brands to offer this type of car.

Some luxury brands – such as Porsche – are also starting to occupy this space, albeit with less opulent offerings like the all-electric EQS. And some of these companies use language which is rich in over-claim, making their claims of superiority seem hollow. But if these companies are to shut the door on mere luxury, they need to do something about their brand language. Then they will be able to demonstrate that their vehicles are truly extraordinary. And, more importantly, worth the price tag.

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