Italian Leather Manufacturers Private Label

Italian leather manufacturers private label offer a wide range of handbags and accessories for designers, brands, and large boutiques. They provide a flexible production process that meets the needs of different customers.

SCANDICCI, Italy — Amid the drab industrial buildings of this district, high-end fashion houses like Louis Vuitton send their designers here to make leather goods.
Italian Shoe Factory

In a world that has increasingly gone the way of cheaper, faster production, Italy continues to hold true to its heritage in shoe making. For centuries, Italians have been refining their craft, and the result is high-end shoes that are comfortable and well-fitting.

This heritage is still evident in the shoes produced by companies like Pantanetti. Their brand focuses on women luxury footwear that is entirely made in Italy. The company combines fine leather with unique details that incorporate the latest fashion into a timeless style.

The quality of a shoe can be judged by its texture and finish, as well as its craftsmanship. Look for stitching and detail work that shows off the artistry involved in creating a pair of shoes. You should also pay attention to comfort, as a shoe that isn’t comfortable will never be worn.

ELTI SRL, established in 1993, is a manufacturer of high quality hats and scarves. They offer wholesale and private label products. Their private label line KAUTELI features luxury hats made with costume jewelry and Swarovski crystals. The company also manufactures aprons, bathrobes and more.

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Luxury Leather

Like finely aged French wine or grass-fed Argentinian beef, leather has a certain upscale appeal. But it’s not just about the price tag — it’s also about knowing the journey that your leather product took to get to you.

The artisans of Italy’s tanneries are renowned for their expertise in vegetable tanning, a production method that uses organic vegetable substances to produce leather. This technique has allowed them to maintain a level of quality that’s unparalleled in the world.

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Sapaf, founded in Florence in 1954 from a project developed by Silvano Calistri and Valdivia, is distinguished by exclusive leather accessories that are entirely handcrafted and artisan expertise. Family owned for three generations, the company has recently moved to Scandicci, Italy’s most important production district for top quality leather accessories.

Their products are both practical and elegant, reflecting a sole language that is constantly updated without losing sight of its roots or traditional techniques. This unique approach has allowed them to anticipate trends while retaining their identity.

In recent years, SAPAF has earned a number of significant grants and donations from community members, corporations and foundations to support their mission. Most recently they received a $2500 grant from GKFF and multiple operational grants from the OK Arts Council, Tulsa PAC Trust and Mid-America Arts Alliance. These funds will enable them to continue presenting world-class artists and expand their programming into new venues and communities.