Industrial Box PC – What Features Makes an Indus PC

Industrial computers are computers that manage a variety of factory and industrial workloads, including robots, machine automation, and manufacturing equipment. It is one of the significant benefits of industrial computers to operate in harsh industrial environments with high reliability. The rugged design of industrial computers typically includes fanless cooling technology, cableless connections to industrial box pc eliminate moving parts, and dust and water resistance. These key characteristics characterize industrial computers because they provide stability and efficiency for many industrial automation deployments that cannot afford downtime.

What Is an Industrial PC?

An Industrial PC is designed for use in an industrial environment. These PCs are often involved in manufacturing goods, and they are usually designed with the reliability of hardware as an important factor. In today’s interconnected world, we are seeing more and more IoT devices coming online. Reliable, rugged hardware is more important than ever.

An IT failure can directly and substantially impact a company’s bottom line. Companies with critical systems, such as payroll, can lose millions of dollars due to just a few hours of downtime. So, it is imperative to use robust and reliable hardware for your critical applications.

How Does A PC Become an Industrial PC – Features?

Here are the following features of an industrial PC box.

  1. Fanless Design

The most common failure point of computers is their internal fans, which are typically found on commercial PCs. As a fan draws in air, it also draws in contaminants that can build up over time and cause hardware failure or system slowdowns. The chassis of most Industrial PCs do not have a fan, and the cooling system is unvented to protect the electronics and ensure optimal reliability, especially in environments subject to dust, debris, or other airborne contaminants. For more information on how fanless systems work, see our article on how fanless PCs stay cool.

  1. Industrial Grade Components

PCs designed for industrial use feature hardshell cases and components that are built for more reliability. This means that the components can withstand harsh environments and operate 24/7, unlike consumer desktop PCs. This means you spend less time and money replacing systems in the field.

  1. Highly Configurable Design

Industrial PCs can perform many different tasks, including factory automation, remote data collection, and surveillance. OnLogic’s systems can be customized to meet your project requirements. Besides providing reliable hardware, we also offer OEM services such as custom branding, imaging, and BIOS customization. See how many businesses have found success with our services by viewing some of our customer stories.

OnLogic’s customers range from small start-up companies to large corporations and government agencies. We are committed to helping our customers find the best solution for their specific needs. Our goal is to provide the best quality and service available. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations while keeping a positive attitude about what we do. At OnLogic, we are committed to quality. We use state-of-the-art technology, and we stand behind our products with the best warranty in the industry. We also provide extensive parts and service network. To learn more about OnLogic, contact us today.

  1. Superior Design/Performance

A computer designed for industrial use will withstand harsh conditions. High shocks/vibrations, wide operating temperature ranges, and dust can all be encountered in these environments. In order to meet the demands of the application, OnLogic industrial PCs are designed to operate 24/7/365. We offer a wide range of hardware from industrial fanless systems to rugged computers that are even more shock, vibration, and wide-temperature-resistant. This article will find out more about the differences between rugged computers and industrial computers.

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