How to Make a Shell Necklace and Bracelet

Shells are a natural and unique material that can be used to create beautiful jewelry. They are a classic coastal symbol full of promise, and they are easy to work with to make an eye-catching accessory for any outfit. This article will guide you through the process of fashioning a gorgeous Shell necklace and bracelet that you can wear with any outfit for a touch of beach elegance.

Gathering your materials
Choosing the best shells for your Shell necklace and bracelet is a matter of personal preference, but you’ll need at least ten small shells, three medium shells, and one large conical shell. Look for shells that are similar in shape and size to create a balanced, symmetrical design. You can also choose to use a mixture of different sizes and shapes to create a more dramatic or eclectic piece.

Next, choose a metal chain that will serve as the framework for your necklace. This can be a wire-wrapped cable chain or a chain that features links connected with jump rings. If you’re using a chain with jump rings, look for one that is at least two inches wide and has enough space to accommodate your shells.

Once you’ve chosen your chain, attach a jump ring to each of the 10 small shells and close it with pliers. Then, place a jump ring on the center link of the upper chain and attach your three medium shells to it. Finally, add the remaining shells to the lower chain in even intervals. Shell necklace and bracelet