How to Fix Invalid Partition Table Issue on Windows?

Invalid segment table causes issues like volume misfortune and framework boot issue. Do you have any thoughts on fixing invalid parcel table on Windows 10/8/7/XP? This guidance will assist you with tackling this issue through various techniques.

Side effects of invalid parcel table issue

Parcel table is put away on hard drive, containing data which is utilized to portray parts on the plate. As a rule, circle parcel table is discussed with the term MBR (Expert Boot Record). MBR segment table is one of the most generally utilized plate apportioning design.

Working framework peruses data in segment table to get to volumes and documents in each parcel, as parcel table stores parcel numbers, area, size, and so forth. In the event that parcel table gets bad or invalid, working framework will not have the option to get to volumes, including framework segment, and that implies the boot cycle can’t proceed. The mistake essentially shows up during a bombed framework booting cycle, and you can see words “Invalid parcel table” on dark screen.

Reasons for this Blunder

The blunder chiefly because of the accompanying reasons:

The boot arrangement is off-base.
The Profiles is out-dated.
There are at least two allotments are set apart as dynamic on the hard drive.
MBR (ace boot record) is defiled.
How to fix the mistake?

Arrangement 1: Modify the MBR with PartitionGuru

This product can fix invalid segment table by remaking MBR. A parcel table recoveries information with 64 bytes structure which offers fundamental data for PC’s working framework. Since the PC can’t boot to framework now, the MBR revamping ought to be down under Windows PE climate.

Stage 1: Make WinPE bootable USB drive of PartitionGuru.

Stage 2: Boot your PC from the bootable USB circle.

Stage 3: Revamp MBR (Expert Boot Record).

Arrangement 2: Remake MBR utilizing Order Brief

On the off chance that you have a Windows establishment plate, you can fix invalid segment table by means of Order Speedy, here are arrangements:

Stage 1: Addition establishment plate into your PC and boot PC from the circle. Click “Fix your PC”

Stage 2: Select Order Brief in the “Framework Recuperation Choices” window.

Stage 3: Type “bootrec.exe” in Order Brief and press “Enter”.

Stage 4: Type “/FixMbr” on Windows. Restart PC and check in the event that the issue is fixed.

Arrangement 3: Change the boot succession

In the event that your PC contains more than one nearby circles or outer plate, commonly, the invalid parcel table is probably going to occur because of erroneous boot request. On such event, you ought to restart your PC and enter Boot Menu where you can set circle boot request. Ensure your PC is booted from right circle, save changes and restart PC.


This guide presents three answers for fix invalid parcel table bit by bit, and you can attempt them in a steady progression. In the event that you have segment table reinforcement, you can straightforwardly reestablish it without attempting any fixing tasks.

Cameron has 10-year working involvement with IT and PCs and he is gifted in fixing different PC and framework issues, for example, fix invalid parcel table , BSOD, cloning plate, recuperate lost information, and so on.bàn thao tác cơ khí

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