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How to Change Your iPhone Name?

How to change your iPhone name? Apple is expected to release a new iPhone soon, but what will it be called? Some people are hoping for the “iPhone 8” because it would mark the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone.

But others think that Apple might call it the “iPhone X” to mark the 10-year anniversary of the company’s founding. Either way, there’s no official word yet on what Apple will call its new phone.

Some people are also speculating that Apple might release a new model of the iPhone that has a curved screen. This model might be called the “iPhone 8 Plus” or the “iPhone X Plus”. Again, there’s no official word yet on whether this will happen or not.

Whatever Apple decides to call its new phone, one thing is for sure: people are going to be excited about it!

Quick Methods to Change the Name of Your iPhone and iPad

If you’ve got a new iPhone or iPad and want to give it a new name, there are a few ways to do it.  If you just want to change the name on your device, without renaming your iCloud account or Apple ID, there are a couple of quick methods.

  • First, open Settings and tap on General.
  • Then tap on About and scroll all the way down to Name.
  • Tap on the text field and type in the new name you want to use.
  • When you’re done, tap on Done at the top right of the screen.
    The name change will take effect immediately.

If you want to rename your iCloud account or Apple ID, you’ll need to sign out of those accounts and then sign back in with the new account information.

Where Do You See Your Device’s Name?

When it comes to our devices, most of us have a specific spot where we like to see the name. For some, it’s on the lock screen. For others, it might be on the home screen or in a folder.

Wherever you choose to display your device’s name is up to you. But there are a few things to keep in mind when deciding where to put it. One thing to consider is how often you’ll need to see the device’s name.

If you’re always looking at your phone, then putting the name on the lock screen may be a good idea. But if you only check your phone every once in a while, then displaying the name somewhere else may be more convenient.

Another thing to think about is how much space you have on your device.

Change the Discoverable Name on iPhone and iPad

If you’re like most people, you probably named your iPhone or iPad something personal and unique – like “My Phone” or “Bob’s iPad.” But what happens if you ever lose your device or it gets stolen? That’s when the discoverable name comes in handy.

The discoverable name is the name that appears in the Find My Friends app and in other places where someone might try to find your device. By default, the name of your device is its serial number, which isn’t very helpful if you want to find it yourself.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to change the discoverable name on your iPhone or iPad. Just go to Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone (or iPad) and type in a new name.

Change the Name of iPhone & iPad Using iTunes

Apple’s iPhone and iPad are iconic devices, but their names are a little bland. Luckily, there’s an easy way to change them using iTunes. Here’s how:

  1. Open iTunes and connect your device to your system.
  2. Click on the device in the left sidebar, and then click on the “Summary” tab.
  3. In the “Name” field, type in the new name for your device.
  4. Click “OK”, and then wait for iTunes to update your device settings.
  5. Once iTunes has finished updating your settings, disconnect your device from your computer and enjoy your new name!

Change the Name of a Bluetooth Accessory on iPhone and iPad

1) Bluetooth accessories are often given default names that are not very descriptive.
2) If you want to change the name of a Bluetooth accessory on your iPhone or iPad, it’s not difficult to do.
3) Just go into the Settings app and select Bluetooth.
4) Tap on the name of the accessory you want to rename and type in a new one.
5) Make sure that the new name is unique and does not already exist on your device.
6) Then press Return or Enter on your keyboard.
7) The new name will now be displayed whenever you’re connected to that accessory.
8) You can also change the name of an accessory using the AirDrop feature in iOS 7.

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