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How Long Does iOS 15 Take to Install?

How long does iOS 15 take to install? Apple has officially rolled out the iOS 15 betas to developers and tech nerds who would like to take the in-progress software for a test drive. Considering the volatile nature of the beta software, a large number of iPhone users are even in two minds about whether to download the iOS 15 beta update or not.

Again, some of you must be wondering – how long does iOS 15 take to download & install? Understanding this will give you a chance to find the ideal time to update your iPhone to iOS 15. Therefore, we are here to help and provide the right answer.

How Long Does iOS 15 Take to Download & Install?

As to how much time iOS 15 takes to download & install, it entirely depends on the internet connection speed.

If you have a stable internet connection with quick download speeds, it should only take around 5 to 15 minutes to download the latest version of iOS. And it usually installs in another 10 to 20 minutes. Add to that 5 to 10 minutes of setup time, and you will be able to complete the iOS 15 update procedure in around 20 to 45 minutes.

Why is iOS 15 so slow to download?

Now, you want to move ahead and install the iOS 15 beta build on your iPhone, but it is taking forever to download. The mobile OS appears to be stuck during installation. What should you do in this situation? Well, you need to make sure you have a stable internet connection. Since the download size of iOS 15 is massive (around 5GB to 6GB, depending on your iOS 15 compatible iPhone model), a stable internet connection helps ease the download and installation process.

If the iOS 15 update gets stuck or takes too extended to download, even if you have a stable internet connection, then Apple’s servers could be at fault. Since a large number of iPhone users rush to download the latest iOS beta as soon as it’s rolled out, Apple’s server might see it hard to cater to the high demand. Thus, it’s always better to download the software a few days before the official rollout.

Hold your iPhone Connected to a Power Source During Software Update

Due to the big file size, iOS 15 may take longer than usual to download. Thus, it’s better to hold the iPhone connected to a power source during the software update process. Also, bypass watching movies on Netflix or streaming music while the beta is downloading. That will only take up bandwidth and slow down the installation.

Ensure thatyour iPhone is decluttered

While it’s not a solution per se, make sure to declutter your iPhone before downloading the tardily iOS beta. If your smartphone space is cluttered, you might face surprising issues during the software update. So, before downloading the software, get freed of all the useless files, screenshots, and music to create enough space for the operating system.

Is iOS 15 Beta worth Downloading?

While I always appreciate digging into pre-release software and discovering new features, I make sure to download it on a secondary device. It ensures that random bugs or problems in the test build do not affect my day-to-day work.

If you do not have a secondary device, make sure to back up all of your iPhone’s data. This will protect all of your important files before installing the iOS beta update. If you ever decide to quit beta testing, you can downgrade to iOS 15 and then reform your iPhone from the backup.

Keep Track of iOS 15 Beta Update

Hopefully, this post has responded all of your questions about the iOS 15 beta update. And now you are in a better position to download iOS 15 on your iPhone. Having a basic idea concerning the total time it takes to download and install iOS 15, you may also be able to find the right time to update the software.

Anyway, what’s your take on iOS 15, and what are the latest features that have caught your attention? Let us know your opinions and queries in the comments section below.

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