How a Sex Addiction Therapist Can Help

An expert sex addiction therapist understands the underlying wounds, experiences and patterns that can lead to sexual compulsivity and helps clients find recovery. They can help patients walk from a life of dysfunctional sex to an enriched, healthy relationship with renewed emotional intimacy.

Oftentimes a sex addiction is a symptom of other mental health issues such as anxiety or depression. Counselors can use various treatment approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and psychodynamic psychotherapy to uncover underlying dynamics that may be fueling the addictive behaviors. Trauma therapies such as EMDR and somatic experiencing can also be helpful.

In addition, a counselor can address issues related to infidelity and betrayal. Infidelity in a relationship is not only emotionally devastating for both partners, but it can cause significant strain and be extremely damaging to the marriage or partnership. In these cases, a counselor can work with both the spouse or partner and the person who has committed the infidelity to establish communication guidelines and develop coping strategies.

Sexual addiction treatment is unique in that it requires a counselor to talk openly about sex and intimate personal details. Many counseling professionals are under-recognized for their skill in dealing with sexual addiction because they don’t feel prepared to ask the difficult questions about a client’s history and patterns. It is important to find a sex addiction therapist who understands the need to be sensitive and respectful of a client’s privacy in this delicate area of recovery.

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