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FILA Commemorates ‘Mindblower’ Re-Launch With Pop-Up Experience

Fila is back and better than ever. Way back in the day FILA’s signature shoe the ”Mindblower” was a hit and they are making an effort to bring it back to life. The legendary sports and streetwear line launched this shoe during their pop up event at their New York location. For those who are not familiar with the Mindblower, the original sneaker debuted in 1995, sporting an unconventionally chunky sole. The FILA logo will reportedly appear on a series of graphic t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, shorts, pants, bags, and caps. This time around FILA teamed up with a unique mix of nearly 50 collaborators across the globe, to offer their own distinct take on the Mindblower or Mindbreaker 2.0 silhouette, incorporating colors, graphics and additional design elements that reflect their creative aesthetic. For more information about the collection and event, head over to Fila’s website.

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