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Nicolette H is a 21 year old model and a recent graduate of Rutgers University. The young beauty started pursuing modeling when she was 18 and was signed to BMGModels. Working with them has been slow but she is still determined and believes the best is yet to come in her young career. Nicolette currently works as an Assistant Marketing Director in New York City. In the past she has rubbed shoulders with Elie Tahari and has worked with Jonathan Simkhai. Acting is her second love. Ms Haines has worked side by side with casting director David Cady. Skies the limit for this 21 year old model. Ladies and Gentleman Nicolette H is Next Up! Check out our interview with her below.
Instagram: @nicoletterenee
Facebook: Nicolette Haines

1. What inspired you to want to begin a career in modeling, it is a common dream for many people, what made you decide that this was the path you wanted to take?

I remember my mom showing me old photos and I saw one of her modeling when she was 17 years old. She never made a career out of it but I figured why couldn’t I? I didn’t want to go to college but I couldn’t pass up free tuition so I called college my back up plan. Now that I am out of school I am ready to make this my full time career and I’ll keep fighting until I do.

2. Whose career is idol to you and why?

Fashion icon Cara Delevingne has been my most recent inspiration. Cara Delevingne inspires me to be me no matter what situation I am in. She can shoot a Vogue cover one day then be back to her weird, cool self. Growing up I was a huge tomboy and still consider myself one today. It’s okay to not be a girly girl and want a career in fashion.

3. What is your plan to reach your goals, how do you plan to conquer them?

My plan is to never give up. I don’t think you can fail at something if you never stop trying. I don’t have a road map or a specific agenda, but I’ll take on any and every opportunity that will get me where I want to be without going against any morals or values of course.

4. What are some of your goals besides modeling in your career?

I have aspirations to own my own clothing company and I would definitely take a spin at acting if the opportunity knocks.
Aside from that, I don’t just want to be someone to look at, I want to have a voice as well. I have a gift and a curse to empathize with almost anyone and if I could change anything in this world for the better, count me in.

5. What can we look forward to?
Hopefully having my name well known in the fashion industry. None of us are getting any younger so it’s a now or never kind of thing in my mind and never isn’t really option.

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